Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Manifestation in front of Unesco Building

The manifestation near the Unesco building in Paris on the occasion of the celebration of Vietnamese New Year took place at 15:30 to 17h February 6, 2010.

Members of the Support Committee of Tien Trung Nguyen were present:

• Nguyen Hoai Nam

• Ke-Vu Nguyen

• Nguyen Quoc Nam

• Séverine Denis

With the formal presence of Reporters Without Borders staff members: Lucie Morillon and 4 other employees of RSF.

With megaphones, Severine Denis briefed visitors on the current situation in Vietnam. Everyone shouted "Freedom for all, freedom for Nguyen Tien Trung, freedom for Le Cong Dinh ..." They brought the masks to symbolize the prohibition of freedom of expression in Vietnam

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Nam has succeed to enter the building to distribute fluers to visitors and tell them about the actual problem in humain right in Vietnam.

Some pictures

Monday, February 1, 2010

Open house day at Insa of Rennes

On 30.01.2010 was the open house day of the Insa Rennes.
Ms. Marie-Jo Pedrono, Philippe Echard, Edward M. Monnier and Miklos Molnar (Support Committee for Trung), took the opportunity to make a stand to inform students about the fate of Trung. They also distributed flyers to all visitors.
People understood very well our action.
Many visitors were already aware of the situation Trung through reading newspapers or news reports on TV or radio.
Actions aimed at reducing his prison term will continue until his release.