Saturday, October 24, 2009

Meeting in Rennes, the 22nd of october

Our last meeting in Rennes was a real success. It gathered many personalities such as:

Among representatives:
Among lecturers:
  • Monsieur Alain JIGOREL, director of the Insa of Rennes
  • Madame Mireille DUCASSÉ, director of the IT department (Trung's department)
  • Madame Joubida JADDA, lecturer in mathematics
  • Monsieur Philippe Gall, lecturer in chemistry
  • Monsieur Monier, lecturer in IT
Among vietnamese personalities:
  • Monsieur Vu Thu Hien, exiled vietnamese writer, his father is Vu Dinh Huynh, former secretary of Ho Chi Minh
  • Monsieur Nguyen Quoc Nam, member of the vietnamese allaince for democraty

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