Thursday, December 10, 2009

Letter of Nicole Kii-Nielsen, European deputy to the Embassador of Vietnam in France

Dear Sir The Ambassador,

I am writing to you about a young Vietnamese man, Nguyễn Tiến Trung. I am really worried about him. Trung, who studied in Rennes, the city where I live, for 5 years. He did not only obtained outstanding results but was also an open-minded young man and very dedicated to his country, Vietnam. He is a democratic activist and a pacifist. He created the Young Vietnamese For Democracy Association. However, he was arrested on the 7th of July. The reason for his arrest is still unclear. He has been in jail since this date.

I was in charge of the partnership between Rennes and Hué, as the assistant of the mayor of Rennes. I had an outstanding stay in Hué and I feel really linked to Vietnam and Vietnamese people. I am now an European deputy and a member of the Foreign Affair commission as well as a member of a commission for Human Rights. Due to my experiences as well as my responsibilities, I am really sensitive to the injustice that Trung is now facing. I see democracy, freedom of speech as well as right of association as the most important Human rights.

I thus would be really pleased if you could speak with your government so that Trung be released soon. This is about Humanism.

Your Excellency, M NGUYEN Dinh Bin, Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam,

Nicole Kiil-Nielsen

European Deputy

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