Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Demonstration in London in front of the Embassy of Vietnam in Great Britain

On 18.01.2010 evening, Marie-Jo PEDRON (in the right of the picutre), former director of the Computer Science department of INSA Rennes, the former teacher of Trung at Insa and member of the Support Committee of NGUYEN Tien Trung with Mr Quoc Nam, representative of The Alliance for Democracy, went to London to attend the manifestation outside the Embassy of Vietnam in England.

Due to time stress, some committee members could not leave.

The manifestation on 19/01/2010 was a success with the live interview with BBC London to Vietnam.

Mme PEDRONO wrote
I am a member of the Support Committee of Trung.
My name is Marie-Joe Pedrono. I was one’s of the teacher of Trung at the National Institute of Applied Science (INSA), an engineer school in Rennes (France). I was the director of the Computer Science Department where Trung was studying. So, I am deeply concerned about his detention.
Trung was a very clever student and has obtained outstanding results. At the end of his second year at INSA, he was the best among 200 students.
For many times, he told me that he wanted to come back to Vietnam to help his country at the end of his studies. Just before he left France, he has offered me a very beautiful picture brought by his mother. When he came back to Vietnam, he sent me a mail to say that he was very happy to have a job at IBM. A few months later, he told me that he was enroled by the army and he didn’t send any news during many months. I was worry when I knew that Trung was arrested in July 7th.
Trung has learnt the right of the freedom of speech and democracy in our school in France. So all the teachers and all the students of INSA support Trung and ask for his immediate release.

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